Thank you for being a loyal PrayerGroup user. The mission of this social networking service has been to allow Christians to engage with each other in wholesome and supportive conversations. Ultimately, our mission is to help the Good spread throughout the United States and the World.

We chose Christian churches as the building blocks of this social network. People that go to the same church know each other and, implicitly, trust each other. Trust is a critical ingredient for healthy and thriving societies. Trust must exist for the Good to flourish.

The core of our mission remains the same, although our goals have expanded: We want to encourage stronger trust bonds between all people. And we want to incorporate all trust-based communities into Kynami to build a stronger social fabric. Therefore, to support our expansion, we are rebranding PrayerGroup as Kynami.

Please continue to use our free service as you have been and know that there is something bigger behind the name change. And, in case you are curious, reach out to us to know what Kynami means.

Go and make the world a better place,

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